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A calling is something you feel drawn to. It’s what gets you out of bed every morning, it’s the reason you put in hard work, and it’s something you truly love.

You could find your calling at Avamere. Here’s a little peek into the CNA life at Avamere at Port Townsend in Port Townsend, Washington.

Free nursing assistant classes

Nursing assistants at Avamere have support to gain their certification. Avamere at Port Townsend offers free nursing assistant classes for individuals to expand their skillset and begin a career in long-term care.

Through this class, about 95% of Avamere at Port Townsend’s caregivers advanced to a CNA. Some even used the class as an opportunity to switch career paths to nursing.

The classes also boosted staff longevity. The leaders found more staff wanted to continue their career with Avamere at Port Townsend following the CNA program’s implementation, with turnover dropping by 58% between 2017 and 2018.

“Class attendees are able to experience working in assisted living through the class and are much better prepared for the rewards and challenges or our environment,” said Mary Winders, Executive Director with Avamere at Port Townsend.

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Get to know Avamere at Port Townsend

Avamere at Port Townsend is an independent and assisted living community in a small town with a big attitude, according to Mary.

Their creative-minded 55+ community includes several artists.

“We have published authors, painters, and musicians,” Mary said. “We are an active community with a variety of activities to meet the eclectic interested of our residents.”

The staff’s dedication to quality care defines their culture. Their Bronze Commitment to Quality Award from the National Health Care Association stands as a testament to their efforts to provide outstanding quality care.

As part of the Avamere Family of Companies, the team is also proud to be named one of Oregon’s most admired companies by the Portland Business Journal.

Your nursing pathway

Forge your nursing career at Avamere. With mentorship opportunities, classes, and tuition assistance, you can advance from a nursing assistant to certified nursing assistant, medication aide, licensed practical nurse, or wherever you choose to take your career.

You can find your calling at Avamere, and it all starts with one click.